2014 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Imaginative Play

What do the real life trends of cosplay and LARPing, escape the room and haunted house experiences, location-based and alternate reality gaming have in common?  Adults are craving imaginative play more than ever.  Wanting that uninhibited fun we had as children.
But many social stigmas and self-awareness impede us from letting each other have fun.

  • What are ways that we can allow each other to have more silly, indulgent, imaginative play?
  • Can we frame systems, rules or even just present games in a way that is disarming?
  • What new types of play will compelling enough to make it irresistible to join in?
  • What parts of these games should be physical or digital?

One thought on “Imaginative Play

  1. This is especially interesting because it’s challenging to find a reward and progression structure for this kind of play–doubly so because many teams have a mindset that it’s not “valid” or “meaningful” play, but just something that happens alongside the more structured game experience you’re crafting.

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