Solving Game Design's Toughest Problems

Solutions to some problems require the efforts of more than one person. Some problems are simply too big to be fully understood by any individual working alone. Project Horseshoe provides a unique think-tank atmosphere that nurtures deep discussions and collaborative problem solving efforts. Since 2006, Project Horseshoe has formed a strong and supportive community of brilliant and talented games industry professionals who are passionate about exploring and pushing the frontiers of game design.

Project Horseshoe is a conference that brings together a group of highly skilled and experienced games industry professionals, who have a primary or strong background in game design, with the goal of using the combined knowledge and skills of these people to positively influence the art and science of game design.

Conference attendees will:

  1. Identify important issues/problems in the area of game design
  2. Address 3-6 of those issues/problems in facilitated workgroups
  3. Create reports, if desired

Because of the dynamic nature of this industry and the variety of interests of the Project Horseshoe attendees, official workgroup topics are chosen by consensus on the conference's first morning. Topics are discussed on the Project Horseshoe website and e-mail reflector just prior to the conference, with additional topics presented and discussed on site. This gives all present a chance to steer the direction of the powerful assembly, and to simultaneously benefit from immediate feedback and input from the other remarkable attendees.

Your conference fee will cover everything from your arrival at the San Antonio airport to your return there: airport shuttle, meals, lodging, workgroup and meeting facilities, drinks, games, toys, notepads, snacks, bandannas and surprises: everything needed to create the perfect atmosphere for a productive and invigorating experience.

Come to Project Horseshoe well-rested. You will spend all day formally exploring, discussing, and directing the future of game design via speaker sessions, roundtables, and breakout groups. Discussions will continue, informally, around dinner and well into the night.

Please register as early as possible! For productivity's sake, we limit the conference to a maximum of 50 attendees. This is an invitation-only event. If you know someone who should be invited, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at this year's conference!

The Business of Horseshoe

Benefit from extended discussions on what's been, what is and what will be.

Competitive Edge
Explore new and emerging ideas, techniques, methodologies, and technologies.

Information Access
Examine the issues; find the answers you need.

Go one-on-one with the best brains in the business, and keep in touch through exclusive email reflectors and a LinkedIn alumni group.


It has been said that the best part of most game conferences these days is the hallway conversations.  Project Horseshoe feels like it is non-stop great hallway conversations.  With a limit of 50 attendees, you have the opportunity to connect with and have deep, meaningful exchanges with some of the best and brightest, starting with discussions over breakfast, continuing in the workgroup or workgroups of your choice, and on through dinner and as late as you want to go into the wee hours of the night.

Who Should Attend?

Game Industry Professionals with a strong background in game design, working in the following areas...
Design       Creative Directer       Producer       Academics       Writing       Programming       Art       Sound

Advisory Board

Linda Law
Teresa Avallone



Bob Bates
Game Designer and Writer, www.bobbates.com

Daniel Cook
Chief Creative Officer, Spry Fox

Crystin Cox
Game Director, ArenaNet, LLC

Patricia A. Pizer
CEO, Where's the Fun?

Mike Sellers
Professor of Practice, Indiana University

David Warhol
Executive Producer, Realtime Associates



Nicole Lazzaro
President, XEODesign, Inc.

Olivier Lejade
CEO, Mekensleep

Mark Terrano
Design Director, Hidden Path Entertainment