2014 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Fixing Online Harassment

The industry is currently, for lack of a better word, under attack. This isn’t an isolated case, but something that’s part of a larger system. If anyone knows how to analyze, understand, and ultimately control systems, it should be game designers. So maybe we should say, fuck “solving game design’s hardest problems,” and instead use our time together to solve some of the hardest systemic problems out there in the rest of the world, as they are affecting our industry anyway.

There were some idiots out there targeting a bunch of academics at DiGRA on the theory that they are some kind of secret shadow organization that controls the game industry, apparently oblivious to the existence of PH. Clearly, if we work on this topic, the standard Code of Secrecy/Blabbing will need to be considered carefully, to protect all concerned.

One thought on “Fixing Online Harassment

  1. I’d like to participate in this one! It may seem especially timely now but it’s an issue that has been building and will become more pressing in the future. We need to be prepared as individuals and industry leaders to handle a new kind of “PR” along with what to do when you see a mob beginning to form and target your colleagues.

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