A think-tank style conference addressing the industry-wide challenges of modern game design

Come be a part of an elite group of brilliant minds working to positively influence the art and science of game design.
We combine intense and effective workgroup techniques with Texas-sized hospitality in an all-inclusive event that may change your life.
This is an invitation-only event. If you know someone who should be invited, let us know!

Fourteenth Annual Project Horseshoe, November 7-10, 2019

At the historic Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cyprus Creek, Comfort, Texas


We are very pleased to announce the following speakers for Project Horseshoe 2019
Bob Bates, Independent Game Designer and Creative Director
"Shakespeare’s London"
Liz England, Game Designer, Ubisoft Toronto
"Algorithmic Bias for System Designers"
Chris Avellone, Narrative Designer
"Breaking the Story"

Mission Statement

Positively influencing the art, science, and business of game design over the next five years in ways that are unlikely to happen otherwise, by taking advantage of practice-proven brainstorming methods and our access to the brightest minds in the field

Project Horseshoe 2019 Sponsors

Special Thanks to our Silver Sponsor, The Project Horseshoe Alumni Group
Horseshoe Alumni Group

What attendees are saying about Project Horseshoe

PH was an amazing opportunity to talk about the outer limits of our media, not just how to make more of what we are making. I took away a lot of seeds for new ideas, made some friends, felt like I pushed the state of the art a bit, and had a really good and soulful time too.

Mark Terrano Design Director, Hidden Path Entertainment

Project Horseshoe was all about identifying the barriers to progress in the industry, and figuring out how to scale those barriers, and that ain’t hay!

Noah Falstein Freelance Designer, The Inspiracy

I have better things to do than provide endorsement quotes for imaginary events. Just get in line at GDC like everyone else and stop daydreaming.

Brian Moriarty Senior Producer, ImaginEngine

In my 25 years in the game industry I’ve never encountered a better setting to think the deepest thoughts, ask (and answer) the biggest questions, and have the privilege of doing it all with such a remarkable collection of bright and talented people. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from going back next year, and every year.

Dr. Cat Creative Director, Dragon's Eye Productions

I came to Horseshoe bringing my personal experience to work. I left Horseshoe bearing a professional experience that has permeated my life. For anyone who lives and breathes game design and development, Horseshoe is pure oxygen.

Kathy Schoback Group Director, CMP Game Group

There are an increasing number of game conferences these days – gatherings about particular aspects of game business, game development, game scholarship. In this vast landscape of conferencing opportunities, Project Horseshoe has staked out a very unique terrain. In both content (the future of games & game design) and form (a playful weekend of hay rides and brainstorming), Project Horseshoe stands apart. Less like a professional training experience and more like a high-intensity glimpse at where this medium of ours is headed, Project Horseshoe is game conference 2.0.

Eric Zimmerman Co-founder & CEO, Gamelab

I’ve never encountered a group who could work and play so hard, so sincerely and so readily. Great minds, great setting, great fun, great work. Satisfying on so many levels. Can we bottle this?!?

Patricia Pizer CEO, Where's the Fun?

Some of the world’s brightest game design minds to challenge your thinking and play with you during three days full of laughter and racoons! PH is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Olivier Lejade Creative Director, Mekensleep

You’ll never find another professional gathering like Horseshoe. It’s an informal setting that generates formal results, both for the participating individuals and for the group agenda. I was surprised, impressed, and within hours, eager to return.

Dave Warhol President, Realtime Associates, Inc.

The designers that attend Project Horseshoe are the creative visionaries behind experiences that will touch hundreds of millions of people. The conversations, friendships and new ideas are sparks that will influence the future of gaming. Project Horseshoe is an incredible event and a resource for our entire industry. If you get a chance to go, do it. If you run a company that cares about game design, become a sponsor.

Dan Cook Chief Creative Officer, Spry Fox