2013 Workgroup Topic Proposals

The Games of Tomorrow

Facebook is so yesterday. Mobile is hot right now, but is becoming so red-ocean that it’s not a fun place to be. What are the new frontiers of gaming that will be red hot in 5 years? The ones that I can see are multi-screen experiences (e.g. living room TV + tablets), wearable computing (e.g. Google glass, iWatch), and neurogaming (pure thoughtwaves as user input). I’d love to spend Horseshoe discussing the gaming implication of these new techs.

One thought on “The Games of Tomorrow

  1. New tech is good, but the element that fascinates me most is not “what will be new?” but rather “what will remain the same with these new experiences?”

    Some things are critical considerations at certain times, but become obsolete. (Memory allocation routines) Sometimes new elements are introduced which become permanent fixtures of the game-landscape. (Mobile)

    This is important for educators, but also important for those in the trenches – because you don’t want to make yourself a specialist in a field that will become obsolete.

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