2017 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Definition of “game”

Inspired by this thread: https://www.facebook.com/thebrenda/posts/10155664616687387?pnref=story

Creating a definition for the word “game” that doesn’t exclude things that are obviously games, or include things that are obviously not, is hard. It may be entirely impossible. Many individuals have tried and failed. No one has yet succeeded.

That would certainly qualify this as one of game design’s hardest problems. Perhaps if we bash enough of our brains together, we can find a better answer than any that has come before. Or at least move the needle slightly in the right direction.

One thought on “Definition of “game”

  1. I’d better steer clear of this workgroup. I wrote an essay on the topic a couple of years ago at http://www.firstpersonscholar.com/drawing-the/ . I came away from that feeling like I had finally articulated all these half-formed ideas I’ve been kicking around for years. It was incredibly satisfying, and I think it closed the door on the topic for me. But if the workgroup does form, I’d love to have them consider some of the ideas I expressed in that essay.

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