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Let’s Build a Game Designer!

I mean, it’s obvious, right? Eventually we will all have to become game designer designers.

Procedural content creation is all well and good, but what would it take to build a non-human designer that can design an entire game?

What atoms, rules, models, systems, and methods will we need?

What can be done today? Prototyped this weekend?

What do we see as the road ahead in machine-assisted game design?

Join me in embracing our future of automated creativity!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Game Designer!

  1. Interesting, though I’m just as interested in building a human designer that I can entrust to share my design workload.

    But I would be interested in the topic all the same.

    related topic: building an automated narrative as a means to game replayability.

  2. This topic arose from a conversation among colleagues who, like me, have done quite a bit of mentoring of designers. It suddenly became clear that the same sort of tools and techniques and teachings that we use to “build” a human designer might also be codifiable in a way that could one day, maybe even soon, be leveraged to train design automation.

    I am also morbidly curious as to just how immune to automation the “knowledge worker” really is. Perhaps the best place to dig for that insight is in familiar terrain.

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