2015 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Screw game design, let’s solve the WORLD’S hardest problems

We like to talk a good game about how design thinking or systems thinking is relevant in all kinds of areas outside of game design, and how the world is full of (hackable) systems.

Let’s prove it. Let’s get some great design minds together to figure out how to game a real-world system.

Politics is full of systems. Could we get one or more game designers into a high-ranking public office?

Human biology is all about systems. Can we cure cancer?

Economic systems drive our lives. Can we figure out a pathway to get to a post-scarcity society?

Something along those lines.

3 thoughts on “Screw game design, let’s solve the WORLD’S hardest problems

  1. If you end up moving forward with this topic, for reference you may want to check out the similar “Solving Big Problems” report we did a few years ago. It wasn’t so much about the gamification of real world systems as much as it was about designing/creating games that attempt to crowd source the solution to big world problems, but there may be some models in there could inspire.


  2. I was thinking more along the lines of coming up with solutions at PH rather than designing the means to get a solution later, in case that needed clarification.

  3. Boiling the ocean is hard – we’d need to pick a problem that is well understood (causes, effects, and partial solutions) as well as appropriately scaled.

    For example, “getting trolls off the iternet” is different than “getting the people in my papercraft miniatures board to behave.”

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