Report Harassment

To Report A Problem Onsite At Horseshoe

If you witness or are targeted by harassment, please report the incident by speaking to one of the conference owners (Linda or Teresa), who will handle the situation directly.

If it is after-hours and the situation needs immediate attention, please either call or knock on the door of one of the conference owners. Signs will be posted on their doors, and their room locations will be noted on the venue map, along with their phone numbers.

If you are in immediate physical danger, get to safety and contact law enforcement FIRST.
Kendall County Sheriff’s Department: 911 (from a hotel phone) or 830-249-9721

Also, you can Fill Out A Code of Conduct Violation Report Form (below). These reports are confidential and may be submitted anonymously.

To Report A Problem At An Unofficial Horseshoe Alumni Gathering

For violations of this code of conduct at offsite, unofficial Horseshoe alumni gatherings, please first ensure the safety of those involved. If you are targeted by harassment, remove yourself from the situation first, if you are able, and find a Horseshoe alumna/us that you are comfortable with to help you. If you believe you observe someone else being targeted by harassment, please step in, ask if the target is okay, and escort them away from the harasser if they are not already separated.

Please report violations through our confidential Code of Conduct Report Form (below). Although the form allows anonymous submissions, in the case of an offsite issue, in order to follow up appropriately, we ask that you include your name and contact info, the names of the parties involved, and a description of the events that transpired. Linda and Teresa will follow up on the incident and take whatever action is appropriate.

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct at unofficial Horseshoe alumni gatherings may result in:
1.) Verbal Warning
2.) A temporary or possible permanent removal from Project Horseshoe

While Horseshoe cannot follow up with law enforcement at external events, alumni/alumnae are encouraged to do so if the situation warrants such response.

Above all, take care of each other. We are a tight-knit community and it is the strength of our bond and trust that allow us to achieve our best at Horseshoe and beyond.

Code of Conduct Violation Report

Use this form to report incidents related to the Code of Conduct at Project Horseshoe.

Include your name and contact information, or choose to submit a report anonymously.