Project Horseshoe Code of Professional Conduct

We invite you to come to Project Horseshoe in a spirit of contribution, friendliness, open-mindedness, and respect.

Project Horseshoe is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment to all attendees, staff and guests. Our primary goals are to create strong alliances, meaningful connections, and work together as a giant brain to solve game design’s toughest problems. The following is what we expect from both staff and attendees at Project Horseshoe, and beyond at unofficial Horseshoe alumni gatherings outside of Comfort, Texas. Additionally, behavior that violates this Code of Conduct which occurs outside of the Project Horseshoe event/Project Horseshoe community may be actionable and could result in suspension of participation.

At Project Horseshoe, You Agree To:

  • Respect the boundaries of other attendees
  • Avoid aggressively pushing your personal services, products or causes
  • Respect confidentiality requests by speakers and attendees
  • Look out for one another

These Behaviors Don’t Belong At Project Horseshoe

  • General Harassment of any kind
  • Invasion of privacy, including taking inappropriate photos or posting without consent
  • Being disruptive, drinking excessively, stalking, following or threatening anyone
  • Abuse of power (including abuses related to position, wealth, race or gender)
  • Homophobia, racism or behavior that discriminates against a group or class of people
  • Sexual harassment, including unwelcome sexual attention and inappropriate physical contact

If You Need To Report An Incident

If, while at a Project Horseshoe or at an unofficial Horseshoe alumni gathering, you have been involved in or have witnessed an incident that violates the Code of Conduct, please use Our Name-Optional Reporting Form to let Horseshoe Conference Owners know immediately. Share as much information as you can to help us make a thorough investigation of the incident.

Here is our Harassment Policy