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Project Horseshoe

A Conference Hosted by The Fat Man
Developed by Avallone Media Group
Project Horseshoe's 2006

The First Annual
Game Design Think Tank


The Project Horseshoe Topic for 2006:

This November 2nd-5th, thirty-five of the brightest minds in the games industry traded the comforts and chaos of the corporate world to converge on a secluded 940-acre ranch in Texas to discuss, argue, debate, brainstorm and possibly alter the course of history for game design.

The First Annual Game Design Think Tank, Project Horseshoe, offered a unique and highly effective way to confront the toughest issues facing our industry today, and to influence their outcome as well. In addition, it may have been one of the most influential and beneficial networking events of the year. This unusual conference gathered together the movers and shakers of the games industry for a long weekend of concentrated, uninterrupted discussions, debates, and roundtables, as well as inspirational and practical speaker sessions with industry leaders.

Unlike conventional meetings, Project Horseshoe shuns neckties, company logos and fluorescent lights as detrimental to group thinking processes. Project Horseshoe uses natural catalysts to deepen and broaden thought; attendees do their work under wide Texas skies. They sleep in cabins overlooking beautiful Lake Buchanan, and are fed with a Lone Star State flair and gracious hospitality. The group brain is given lots of equipment for creative play and a comfortable structure for brainstorming and networking.

It is our hope that Project Horseshoe will give a competitive edge to its attendees, creating long-standing alliances and organizations.

This year's Project Horseshoe serves as an example of the great things that can be accomplished by a group of professionals, working in a supportive environment, and dedicated to cooperatively solving industry-wide problems.

George Sanger;

The Fat Man

Linda Law;
Vice President
The Fat Man

Teresa Avallone;
Avallone Media Group


Patricia A. Pizer,
Senior Designer, Online
Buena Vista Games

Nicole Lazzaro,
XEODesign, Inc.

Mike Steele,
Emergent Game Technologies

Bob Bates,
Game Designer and Writer

Mark Terrano,
Design Director
Hidden Path Entertainment

Project Horseshoe
Phone: (512) 689-5486
Fax: (512) 454-8999


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