2016 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Multiuser: Lessons from us All

There are a LOT of veterans of the age of multiuser games at PH. It’d be a shame if we didn’t get together to share what we’ve learned with each other, and especially with those who want to learn from our 30+ years of so-many-mistakes. Recent entries, Pokemon Go clearly shows that there hasn’t been enough sharing, or something … 🙂

So – if your designed/created/operated/nurtured/end-of-life’d/resurrected  a multiuser game through it’s lifecycle, please bring a lesson to share. If you are making one anytime soon, come and learn to avoid our pain.

[We should probably keep notes for this one.]


One thought on “Multiuser: Lessons from us All

  1. At the first PH, a group of us (including Raph, Meretzky, Gordon Walton, myself and a couple of others took a stab at the problems facing MMO-type games (online issues, really). I think it would be great to revisit with so much expertise. Been playing/studying/discussing Pokémon Go extensively since launch.

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