2016 Workgroup Topic Proposals

Core Games on Mobile?

While mobile games has been blowing up this decade the platform is dominated by shallow, simplistic or skinner box games (with some notable exceptions). Core games with deep immersion or twitchy control schemes that are common on traditional platforms have so far failed to migrate to this platform. Can we by identifying the limitations and problem areas of the platform find a set of core games on PC/Console that _would_ be suitable to transition to mobile? Alternatively, can we find new solutions to solve or diminish some of these inherent problems (control scheme, session length, form factor/screen size, etc)?

One thought on “Core Games on Mobile?

  1. Hi – I wonder if perhaps this should be combined with my topic (Short attention span Theatre). I think we are interested in answering the same questions. I am coming at it from the angle of “meaningful” experiences – but many core games offer so much more in terms of narrative, character development, deeper worlds and richer play experiences, robust meaningful choices and gratifying emotional engagement – but core games are painting on a larger canvas, they do it on a grand scale and often a grand budget – how do ring that same bell for someone playing a five minute mobile session on the toilet?

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