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Training for the Game Design Olympics
  A discussion of the skills involved in game design, a description of exercises that can cultivate and improve these skills, and a list of design "rules of thumb"
Toward a More Civilized Teabagging
  A description of principles and best practices which enable designers to create game systems that better facilitate and incent civil play.
Opening the Kimono
  An exploration of the design aspects that satisfy the different needs of male and female gamers in a romantic fantasy game environment
Divine Design
  A deconstruction of the functional mechanics at play in successful religions and a look at how games may or may not utilize similar approaches to improve user acquisition, reach, and player retention
  An approach to designing games that deal with sensitive topics in a way that both respects and edifies players, regardless of political or ideological leanings
Design Feedback Loops for Successful Independent Productions
  A presentation of an independent game production model and a summary of the comments on this model from select members of the Project Horseshoe community
Game Jam 2012
  The presentation of five new games, designed or advanced at Horseshoe, addressing specific attributes that this workgroup felt were underserved in the market relative to the enjoyment potential, and a list of prototyping "pro-tips"
Practical Psychological Manifesto
  A manifesto to instill fear and lust in academic and game industry leadership, motivating them to push for collaboration
How to Reinvent a Genre
  Defining a process by which game designers can bring about radical reinvention of new genres and providing the tools necessary to reduce the risk of genre innovation
Topics, Tactics and Tools for Building Authentic Long-term Engagement Mechanisms
  An exploration of engagement mechanisms with an eye toward offering game makers new possibilities in meta-structural mechanisms which might change the current landscape and help us migrate toward more authentically integrated long term play experiences
Emotions Through Rules And Systems
  Exploring the problem space represented by the extreme use of physical mechanics, absent story context, to convey emotion to the audience
Location-Based Games
  Presents a working understanding of the variety of considerations for the design and development of location-based games by industry professionals, with the goal of helping this field of development become commercially successful via a "killer app"
Using Games as a Delivery Vehicle for Political and Cultural Messages
  Guiding principles, tools, and techniques for successfully delivering political and cultural messages in games
Making Online Multiplayer a Better Place
  Methodologies to greatly reduce player loss due to the intimidation and frustration faced by newcomers in a competitive online multiplayer game
In Search of Better Narrative in Games
  An exploration of game narrative, including discussion of types, techniques, and player reception
Designing Games for Many Colocated Players
  A discussion of game design for many players gathered in a single place, with examples
The Renaissance of Game Designers
  A discussion of game design as a profession
Choosing Between Right and Right: Creating Meaningful Ethical Dilemmas in Games
  Providing a framework for understanding and implementing ethical dilemmas in games.
How to make Social Games Better
  A discussion of the current state and future possibilities in the social games arena.
Free Your Inner Suit: A Capitalist's Guide to Survival in 21st Century Game
  An examination of community as product in the games industry.
Concept Sketches for Game Design: Best Practices for Prototyping within the Game Industry
  Explores the process and benefits of using a prototyping process throughout development, as it relates to everyone who has a stake in the game's success.
Multiplayer Game Atoms

Addresses the following questions: Can game grammar be extended to the rich universe of multiplayer games? Are skill atoms a pragmatic tool for working designers?

Game Designer as Artist
  Discusses the transformation of game design into an art form, including problems and solutions involved in that transformation.
Please, Let Me Play the Game I Bought
  A discussion of players' inability to experience all of the product they have paid for due to their own deficiencies in either skill, time or ability.
The Gaming Date
  An examination of video gaming's general exclusion from the culture of courtship and dating, including the issues that prevent this and how they can be addressed.
Dramatic Choices
  A discussion of how a sandbox virtual world system for story construction with semiautonomous avatars might be enhanced to cater for dramatic choices.
Game Designer's Bookshelf
  Proposes the creation of a website which lists, categorizes, reviews and provides basic publishing information on resources for game designers.
Project Unity
  Proposes the creation of an online social site to address real world humanitarian needs.
FabulaRasa: Story in Games
  Looks at ways to mediate meaningful experiences that lead to a player’s story.
Games that Encompass a Diverse and Unusual Range of Emotions
  An examination of emotions not typically used in modern game designs and examples of game ideas for these emotions.
Interactive Natural Language Artistic Experiences
  Presents two case studies of games that use interactive natural language artistic experiences.
Professionalizing Game Design
  Looks at how we can define the designer’s role, standardize the expectations and necessary skill sets, and provide a framework for developing future designers to a professional standard.
Online People's Revolutionary Army of Horseshoe
  Addresses the current deficiencies in online game design, technology, business models, social management and customer service.
Building Innovative Games That Sell
  A discussion of business practices that prohibit innovative game designs and a study of methodologies to support financially responsible design creativity & experimentation.
The Legitimacy of Games
  An examination of the legitimacy of games as a form of art and creative expression.
The Creation of Radically New Game Experiences
  Presents new game design approaches in an effort to bring experiences generated by games much further then they have gone to date.


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