Project Horseshoe
games and discussion in the evening

Project Horseshoe is a think-tank style conference addressing the industry-wide challenges of modern game design.

Come be a part of an elite group of brilliant minds working to positively influence the art and science of game design. We combine intense and effective workgroup techniques with Texas-sized hospitality in an all-inclusive event that may change your life.

This is an invitation-only event. If you know someone who should be invited, please contact Teresa Avallone.

Tenth Annual Project Horseshoe, November 5-8, 2015
At the historic Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cyprus Creek, Comfort, Texas
Alumni Registration begins March 31!
We are very pleased to announce the following speakers for
Project Horseshoe 2015:

Tim Fowers, Motivational Designer,

Steve Swink, Game Designer, Cubeheart Games

Mission Statement for Project Horseshoe:
Positively influencing the art, science, and business of game design over the next five years in ways that are unlikely to happen otherwise, by taking advantage of practice-proven brainstorming methods and our access to the brightest minds in the field.
Summary of the Method Used:
Under conditions that have proven conducive to successful and efficient team thinking:
  1. Identify the biggest issues/problems in the area of game design.
  2. Attack 3-6 of those issues/problems in facilitated workgroups.
  3. Create reports including action items.
  4. Take accountability for those action items.
  5. Follow up on action items after the conference.
A big Thank You to the Texas Film Commission for their support of Project Horseshoe 2014