Project Horseshoe
games and discussion in the evening

Project Horseshoe is a think-tank style conference addressing the industry-wide challenges of modern game design.

Come be a part of an elite group of brilliant minds working to positively influence the art and science of game design. We combine intense and effective workgroup techniques with Texas-sized hospitality in an all-inclusive event that may change your life.

This is an invitation-only event. If you know someone who should be invited, please contact Teresa Avallone.

Eleventh Annual Project Horseshoe, November 3-6, 2016
At the historic Meyer Bed and Breakfast on Cyprus Creek, Comfort, Texas

Alumni Registration is now open!
Early Registration for everyone begins on May 6
We are very pleased to have had the following speakers for
Project Horseshoe 2015:

Tim Fowers, Motivational Designer,
"Artisanal Boardgame Development"

Steve Swink, Game Designer, Cubeheart Games
"Everybody Quit"

Nick Yee, Co-Founder & Analytics Lead, Quantic Foundry
"The Gamer Motivation Profile: Development, Findings, and Lessons Learned"

Mission Statement for Project Horseshoe:
Positively influencing the art, science, and business of game design over the next five years in ways that are unlikely to happen otherwise, by taking advantage of practice-proven brainstorming methods and our access to the brightest minds in the field.
Summary of the Method Used:
Under conditions that have proven conducive to successful and efficient team thinking:
  1. Identify the biggest issues/problems in the area of game design.
  2. Attack 3-6 of those issues/problems in facilitated workgroups.
  3. Create reports including action items.
A big Thank You to the Texas Film Commission for their support of Project Horseshoe 2015